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Why Effective KeY ?

Effective Key is not just our name; it is also our goal. We’re a software company specialized in designing and developing websites. Being a team of programmers and web designers, we create opportunity for well-trained programmers and web designers to join us in this field so as to ameliorate our combined efficiencies. Effective Key began in 2009 in the Arab world under the name G Top Mix; and then in 2013 it moved its activity to the United States under the name Effective Key. We uniquely provide some special services that only a few software companies can provide such as designing AIO software.
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Web Services

Our main objective is to provide service that meet all classes and tasks, suiting every different business level and requirement. We provide flexible offers and plans that allow individuals or institutions to benefit from our deals. Right now we provide three offers (create a site – rent a site –update a site) and each one has its own plans.
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All In One Applications

What is your field are you a teacher, designer, musician, engineer, student, author, or any other profession? Now the majority of businesses depend on computers and your achievements are stored on your device so you can present them to your audience or to specialists or to your superiors at work … but you’re missing something very important! Yes, you're missing “presentation”! Isn’t it be boring to have your work in the form of files that are gathered in folders or on USB flash drives, or on CDs or DVDs! Imagine if you had an interface program designed beautifully to present your content with background music while showing your line of activities in an interactive method on (Windows) or through any Internet browser!